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Preventative Care Screening & Vaccinations provides insurance paid screenings at work-site clinics.

About Us

Mountain View Hospital Preventative Services provides a HIPAA-compliant, turnkey health awareness and preventive screening services for employers. Our program engages employees in a process that stresses early detection and testing in order to detect health problems before they take hold. By identifying problems early employees can create low cost interventions that promote better health. Most current medical benefit plans will cover the cost of our health screening program. There is typically no cost to the employee.

Preventative Services employs a staff of medical professionals  (phlebotomists, nurses and technicians) that administer the tests, interact with participants and supply the test result details to to each employee and aggregate results to employers.

Through our program employers can save thousands of dollars annually per employee in premium and treatment costs as potential diseases are detected early-on and managed while patients are still in low-risk health categories.